Guinea pigs and Rabbits

Your pets will enjoy their own holiday whilst you enjoy yours in peace of mind knowing they are happy and cared for in a wonderful environment.


During the day they will enjoy their freedom and spend hours of fun playing, snoozing and eating in our hutches or runs with all weather shelter.


Along with cuddles and attention, we will attend to your pet’s daily requirements. We ask you to provide their own dry food so as not to upset their tummies. Fresh water, hay & vegetables provided by us every day.


Medication and/or special care will be given if requested. Claw clipping and bathing services availiable.

Spacious day time runs; this one is 4ftx6ft

We have 4 ft and 5 1/2 foot indoor guinea pig cages, they have unlimited hay, tunnels and fleeces for their hidy houses

Outside we have 6x2 double story hutches and run with plenty of toys to keep your bunny entertained.

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