About me

I have lived with a wide range of animals all my life. Dogs, cats, chickens,  a huge range of small furries, snakes and lizards.


I have trained and competed in obedience and agility with my dogs. I love spending time with them individually, with a pot of treats and a clicker, teaching them new tricks. We only ever use positive reinforcement in our training so our dogs are relaxed, happy and eager to please.


I volunteer for Epsom Canine Rescue and help to train and rehabilitate dogs from the rescue and assist in finding them new forever homes.  


I trained at Brinsbury College to groom dogs and also did my canine first aid course there.





Frankie was rescued at 5 years old and has spent the last 8 years having a wonderful life doing agility,  swimming and taking me on beautiful long walks

Midge was rescued at 18months old and he has taught me a lot about terrier ways!

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